Sam Congdon Being A Father And Playing Frisbee

Many joys come from being a parent, something that Sam Congdon discovered several years ago when he and his wife got a son. He found being a father as an amazing experience that is unlike any other. He did not want to change the diapers or do anything like that, but he found that it was not as bad as he had thought. He remembers his son’s first smile that was amazing and remembers teaching him how to walk. He also remembers recording some of his words when he was learning to speak.

Parents love to keep the memory of their children when they are small. This has been made possible by the advent of computers, smart phones and other gadgets that make it easy to take videos and pictures of the children and keeping things permanently. There is no longer the need to rely on printing pictures and putting them in a scrapbook. This is because these pictures and videos can be kept on the computer or on the phone while backing them up in the cloud.

His son likes to swim, do math and to read. He also loves climbing trees and playing with Nerf guns. Sam Congdon feels that being a father is an amazing experience that is second to none.

One way that he spends his time is by playing ultimate Frisbee. He was introduced to the game about ten years ago when a group of people was playing at a park in his apartment complex. He started planning for the game and since then he has not looked back. He has been playing pickups, leagues and tournaments for a decade and has even captained league and tournament teams.

The misconception is that ultimate Frisbee is similar to disc golf, which consists of golf played with a Frisbee or a set of Frisbees. However, ultimate Frisbee is played on a football field with two teams of seven. Team members pass the Frisbee between one another all the way down the field until they score. If at any time the Frisbee is dropped, goes out of bounds or is knocked down, it is turned over to the opposing team. So in this sense it is a lot like soccer, but instead of kicking a ball you are throwing a Frisbee. This means that one runs constantly, and therefore it is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Even people who play soccer admit that ultimate Frisbee is better exercise than soccer is. It is fun because it is a contact sport. You can use your hands, unlike in soccer and throwing a Frisbee especially in the wind creates many interesting opportunities in different plays.

Sam Congdon highly recommends it to anyone who is interested in increasing his or her physical fitness and having a great time the same time.

It is good to live life to the fullest. Sam Congdon ensures that he achieves this by balancing between family, work and sports. He takes time to be with his son, plays Frisbee while at the same being a successful entrepreneur.

Sam Congdon Travels

Of late Sam Congdon has developed a love of traveling and of the tropics in general. He has travelled to many Caribbean islands and to Mexico. He has been to the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Antigua, Nevis and St. Kitts, Ecuador, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Belize and many other locales. He especially loves going to Belize and he has gone there on three occasions and had loved it each time. There is no other place like it in the Western Hemisphere. In Belize, you can see thousands of fish and sharks in very shallow water. This has led him to desire getting a home in the Caribbean one day.

Another one of his favorite places is Lake Chelan in Washington State, a 50-mile Lake in the mountains of Washington. He has had the privilege of going there since childhood and he still enjoys going back and jumping in the clean, crisp cold water. He also loves water skiing and driving a boat around the lake as well as hiking on some of the many trails. The head of the lake has a town called Stehekin with a population of about 70 residents. The town is amazing and can only be accessed by a floatplane or a boat. Once there, one can visit many places such as Rainbow falls that is a 300-foot waterfall, a local bakery and a river. It is a fun place to spend a few days hiking, biking, river rafting and seeing the natural beauty. However, Sam Congdon is not sure that he can spend two straight weeks there due to the small size of the town.

He is also fond of Fossil Rim in Glenrose Texas. The place is like a zoo, only that the animals are free and the people drive around the place in cars. Various types of animals are there such as wildebeests, giraffes, elk, deer, gazelle, Zebra, emu, ostrich and many other species. The animals actually walk to the car and take food from the hand. Feeding a giraffe in an incredible experience and Sam Congdon has done it on many occasions and so has his son. He has gone to the Fossil Rim many times and each time has been a delight. He has also gone for a nighttime tour that had been organized by the administration and stayed in the lodge on the property.

He highly recommends the place to anyone who enjoys wildlife because it provides an incredible experience. A place where one gets to see the animals upfront and personal, something that cannot be experienced in a traditional zoo. The highlight is the giraffes and feeding them from the hands. It is an amazing experience to feed such large animals while sitting in the car.

It is good to unwind and to have fun, and some of the ways that Sam Congdon does is to visit places. The places he visits ranges from Caribbean islands where he enjoys the waters, visiting Lake Chelan in his home state and the Fossil Rim in Texas.

Sam Congdon’s Graduation from Hillsdale and His Move to Northwest

Graduating from college is a great achievement in someone’s life. In May 1995, Sam Congdon attained his degree in Bachelor of Science in economics. He enjoyed his time in college and did not want to leave. However, he did not have a good reason to stay any longer. In his exit interview, he admitted that he had grown socially, academically and spiritually. He also has many friends from his college days up to this day.

Upon graduation, he continued the management work for the Students Works Painting for another year. This time it was as a senior manager and therefore he was given the opportunity to choose the markets to work in. He chose the city of Troy, north of Detroit, one of the richest cities. It is also the home to many executives of auto companies such as Chrysler and Ford. This time the managing job was a success because the revenues were up 50 percent more that what were attained in Battle Creek. This is because the residents of Troy have a higher income bracket with more disposable income than Battle Creek residents do. They are willing to spend some of that money on keeping their homes looking perfect.

Almost all the work for that summer was done on one main road in that city. On one street, three houses next to each other were painted with two of them being identical. For the identical houses, moving equipment from one house to another was easy, one of the dreams of a painting contractor. The summer turned out to be a phenomenal one that Sam Congdon was proud.

After the graduation and the summer in Troy with the Student Works Painting, Sam Congdon decided to go back northwest to undertake one-year training in Bible School. The school is in Oregon, Portland and closer to his parents. He packed all his belongings and sold all the painting equipment before heading out west. He remembers driving through Idaho and seeing the pine trees and mountains after four years of being away. It is now that he realized the beauty of the Northwest and Washington State after living in Michigan for four years.

He was happy to be back in northwest and close to his parents. He was now able to go for bike rides through the hills and lakes, something that he could not do in the Midwest. Though the Midwest has lakes, it does not have mountains or hills. In Oregon, he could go to the beach and to the Columbia River to ride his bike through the mountains and to enjoy the outdoors. For him, it was great to be back in the Pacific Northwest.

Finding direction after graduation from college may take a while for some. Others find their dream job right away. For Sam Congdon, it took an additional summer at his old job of managing at Student Works Painting, which proved to be a better success than the other summers. He also felt a need to increase his knowledge by going to a Bible school for an additional year.

College Life Of Sam Congdon

In most cases, college life is the one that opens a person’s eye on what real life is about. It is a time when most students start being in charge of their life without depending on their parents. Some even have to work to finance their education.

After graduating from Wenatchee high school in 1991, Sam Congdon joined Hillsdale College to undertake a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree. He hasn’t only attained the degree, but it is also at this time that he acquired skills in running a business.

It is at the college that he was exposed to Austrian economics for the first time. This type of economics is free market oriented with limited government intervention and supports entrepreneurial endeavors. It advocates for the rights of individuals the right of property and the right to contract. It presents a challenge to the Keynesian school of thought, which is interventionist, big government economics. Sam Congdon had an incredible time in college where he learned a lot about economics and common sense political principles. He considers these as raw economic principles as opposed to the ideas in the mainstream media concerning economics, the role of government and personal freedom, or lack thereof.

He not only learned about economics, but also got business running skills. In his freshman year, Sam Congdon got an opportunity to work for Student Works Painting Company as a city manager. The company has its origins in Canada and it trains students on how to run a painting business during the summer. Midwest has seasons and temperatures that are clear such that spring and summer months are hot or warm while winter is cold. Outdoor painting takes place in the warm months of summer, and it corresponds with the college summer break. He used the hardworking skills that he had learned at the Orchard farm to perform this job. He was assigned to manage painting in the city of Battle Creek Michigan. This was the city closest to Hillsdale, Michigan, where he was a student.

The position of a city manager for Student Works Painting requires a lot of input in time and effort. Fortunately, he had learned how to work hard at an early age. Although the painting is done during summer break, the job for the manager starts way before then when the school session is still on. This means that he had to travel to the city he was managing before the painting began, to market by use of flier and signs, to secure summer contracts and to provide estimates. He also had the responsibility of hiring and training the people who would work with him. This task required placing of advertisements in local papers and interviewing the applicants either on the phone or in person.

This means that being in college was not a lay around time for Sam Congdon. He had to walk the tightrope of balancing his studies and working. The painting job required a lot of input even before the summer break, which means he had to work extra hard to attain a balance.