Sam Congdon’s Graduation from Hillsdale and His Move to Northwest

Graduating from college is a great achievement in someone’s life. In May 1995, Sam Congdon attained his degree in Bachelor of Science in economics. He enjoyed his time in college and did not want to leave. However, he did not have a good reason to stay any longer. In his exit interview, he admitted that he had grown socially, academically and spiritually. He also has many friends from his college days up to this day.

Upon graduation, he continued the management work for the Students Works Painting for another year. This time it was as a senior manager and therefore he was given the opportunity to choose the markets to work in. He chose the city of Troy, north of Detroit, one of the richest cities. It is also the home to many executives of auto companies such as Chrysler and Ford. This time the managing job was a success because the revenues were up 50 percent more that what were attained in Battle Creek. This is because the residents of Troy have a higher income bracket with more disposable income than Battle Creek residents do. They are willing to spend some of that money on keeping their homes looking perfect.

Almost all the work for that summer was done on one main road in that city. On one street, three houses next to each other were painted with two of them being identical. For the identical houses, moving equipment from one house to another was easy, one of the dreams of a painting contractor. The summer turned out to be a phenomenal one that Sam Congdon was proud.

After the graduation and the summer in Troy with the Student Works Painting, Sam Congdon decided to go back northwest to undertake one-year training in Bible School. The school is in Oregon, Portland and closer to his parents. He packed all his belongings and sold all the painting equipment before heading out west. He remembers driving through Idaho and seeing the pine trees and mountains after four years of being away. It is now that he realized the beauty of the Northwest and Washington State after living in Michigan for four years.

He was happy to be back in northwest and close to his parents. He was now able to go for bike rides through the hills and lakes, something that he could not do in the Midwest. Though the Midwest has lakes, it does not have mountains or hills. In Oregon, he could go to the beach and to the Columbia River to ride his bike through the mountains and to enjoy the outdoors. For him, it was great to be back in the Pacific Northwest.

Finding direction after graduation from college may take a while for some. Others find their dream job right away. For Sam Congdon, it took an additional summer at his old job of managing at Student Works Painting, which proved to be a better success than the other summers. He also felt a need to increase his knowledge by going to a Bible school for an additional year.

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