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Of late Sam Congdon has developed a love of traveling and of the tropics in general. He has travelled to many Caribbean islands and to Mexico. He has been to the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Antigua, Nevis and St. Kitts, Ecuador, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Belize and many other locales. He especially loves going to Belize and he has gone there on three occasions and had loved it each time. There is no other place like it in the Western Hemisphere. In Belize, you can see thousands of fish and sharks in very shallow water. This has led him to desire getting a home in the Caribbean one day.

Another one of his favorite places is Lake Chelan in Washington State, a 50-mile Lake in the mountains of Washington. He has had the privilege of going there since childhood and he still enjoys going back and jumping in the clean, crisp cold water. He also loves water skiing and driving a boat around the lake as well as hiking on some of the many trails. The head of the lake has a town called Stehekin with a population of about 70 residents. The town is amazing and can only be accessed by a floatplane or a boat. Once there, one can visit many places such as Rainbow falls that is a 300-foot waterfall, a local bakery and a river. It is a fun place to spend a few days hiking, biking, river rafting and seeing the natural beauty. However, Sam Congdon is not sure that he can spend two straight weeks there due to the small size of the town.

He is also fond of Fossil Rim in Glenrose Texas. The place is like a zoo, only that the animals are free and the people drive around the place in cars. Various types of animals are there such as wildebeests, giraffes, elk, deer, gazelle, Zebra, emu, ostrich and many other species. The animals actually walk to the car and take food from the hand. Feeding a giraffe in an incredible experience and Sam Congdon has done it on many occasions and so has his son. He has gone to the Fossil Rim many times and each time has been a delight. He has also gone for a nighttime tour that had been organized by the administration and stayed in the lodge on the property.

He highly recommends the place to anyone who enjoys wildlife because it provides an incredible experience. A place where one gets to see the animals upfront and personal, something that cannot be experienced in a traditional zoo. The highlight is the giraffes and feeding them from the hands. It is an amazing experience to feed such large animals while sitting in the car.

It is good to unwind and to have fun, and some of the ways that Sam Congdon does is to visit places. The places he visits ranges from Caribbean islands where he enjoys the waters, visiting Lake Chelan in his home state and the Fossil Rim in Texas.

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