Sam Congdon Being A Father And Playing Frisbee

Many joys come from being a parent, something that Sam Congdon discovered several years ago when he and his wife got a son. He found being a father as an amazing experience that is unlike any other. He did not want to change the diapers or do anything like that, but he found that it was not as bad as he had thought. He remembers his son’s first smile that was amazing and remembers teaching him how to walk. He also remembers recording some of his words when he was learning to speak.

Parents love to keep the memory of their children when they are small. This has been made possible by the advent of computers, smart phones and other gadgets that make it easy to take videos and pictures of the children and keeping things permanently. There is no longer the need to rely on printing pictures and putting them in a scrapbook. This is because these pictures and videos can be kept on the computer or on the phone while backing them up in the cloud.

His son likes to swim, do math and to read. He also loves climbing trees and playing with Nerf guns. Sam Congdon feels that being a father is an amazing experience that is second to none.

One way that he spends his time is by playing ultimate Frisbee. He was introduced to the game about ten years ago when a group of people was playing at a park in his apartment complex. He started planning for the game and since then he has not looked back. He has been playing pickups, leagues and tournaments for a decade and has even captained league and tournament teams.

The misconception is that ultimate Frisbee is similar to disc golf, which consists of golf played with a Frisbee or a set of Frisbees. However, ultimate Frisbee is played on a football field with two teams of seven. Team members pass the Frisbee between one another all the way down the field until they score. If at any time the Frisbee is dropped, goes out of bounds or is knocked down, it is turned over to the opposing team. So in this sense it is a lot like soccer, but instead of kicking a ball you are throwing a Frisbee. This means that one runs constantly, and therefore it is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Even people who play soccer admit that ultimate Frisbee is better exercise than soccer is. It is fun because it is a contact sport. You can use your hands, unlike in soccer and throwing a Frisbee especially in the wind creates many interesting opportunities in different plays.

Sam Congdon highly recommends it to anyone who is interested in increasing his or her physical fitness and having a great time the same time.

It is good to live life to the fullest. Sam Congdon ensures that he achieves this by balancing between family, work and sports. He takes time to be with his son, plays Frisbee while at the same being a successful entrepreneur.

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